B&B facing bricks and brick-slips are natural products and therefore the raw materials and firing process can affect them. This creates different shades in the colours of the finished bricks and brick-slips.

In order to achieve a pleasant result, you need to follow some practical instructions:

  • Before you start, make sure that the correct amount of material required to complete the work is already on the site.
  • Starting from one edge, take the bricks or brick-slips from at least 3 different packs at the same time and continue vertically. A correct mixture allows you to build a wall where the slight differences in shades of colour blend in evenly all over the wall. This gives a very pleasant result to the wall. (fig. B)
  • Never use sponges or wet tools, especially while laying the brick-slips. Clean them by using a dry brush gently.


Piles of bricks and brick-slips should always be raised above the ground to prevent them from getting dirty and the top of the pile should be covered by a plastic sheet. (fig. A)


1. Remove the plaster that has deteriorated and tap the wall with a hammer.
2. Smooth a layer, at least 6 mm thick, of anti-slip glue with a notched trowel.
3. Lay the brick-slips.
4. Fill the joint up with B&B stucco using the special filler bag.
5. Smooth and press down the stucco using the correct tool.
6. Brush and remove any residual stucco without using any water.