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  • Paving Stones

    Everlasting charm

    A range of low-thickness paving stones for an easy and precise gluing. The naturally uneven surface, together with slight variations in colour gives the assembled product a high-quality appearance.

    It is a reliable basis for creating beautiful and long-lasting effects.

    Red porphyry stone blocks:

    2 cm thick, flamed anti-slip surface, preassembled on a peacock tail shaped mesh for a quick gluing, both outdoors and indoors. 

    Also available in the preassembled and interlocking version in parallel staggered lines.

    Stone tiles:

    Between 1.2 and 3 cm thick, naturally split surfaces that have a flamed or antique finishing with sliced, rectified or aged edges, for easy and precise gluing.

  • Paving Bricks

    A walk in elegant surroundings.

    High performance surfaces intended specifically for outdoor pavings and city streets, they also add originality indoors. Terraces, gardens and driveways can perfectly match the outer façades of the buildings thanks to these bricks. They are also ideal for pedestrian areas in historical city centers. They are resistant and don’t change in time. They represent the perfect combination of two guarantees: solidity and functionality. As they are fired at high temperatures, they can bear heavy loads, and are resistant to salts, bases and acids. They do not absorb water and their colors resist all kinds of weather conditions and do not fade in the sun.

    Stable colors that do not fade in the sun.

    Very low coefficient for water absorption.

    Resistant to frost and all kinds of weather conditions.

    Resistant both to wear and to heavy loads.

    Resistant to acid and base chemicals.

  • Antique handmade terracotta

    Fired with age-old craftsmanship.

    The perfect combination of tradition and beauty, this material becomes part of your home furnishing. The antique handmade terracotta is the result of a wise old craft that transforms earth into a masterpiece that can be admired forever. Thanks to its shades of colour that radiate the natural warmth of the earth, this material is perfect for historical and rustic areas. It proves to be an original choice also in a modern atmosphere.